We believe that all residents at The Fleet Care Home should have equal access to our facilities and activities. Because delicious cuisine is one of life’s greatest pleasures for many of us, you’ll discover a tantalising and diverse menu on offer every day. We use local suppliers whenever feasible, and our onsite chef and catering crew can adapt to food preferences and dietary restrictions.

As we become older, food has a greater impact on our health, and we realise that having a good meal has a substantial impact on our general health and well-being. Loved ones can be confident that residents will have an enjoyable time eating tasty and nutritious meals in an elegant setting each and every day.

The Finest Food Served 

We want all of our residents at The Fleet Care Home to enjoy the better things in life, such as a great dining experience. Dining with us promises fine cuisine prepared daily by our in-house chefs. Our kitchen staff are proud to produce an ever-changing menu using high quality products purchased locally. We also encourage our residents to share their favourite recipes, and we look forward to creating new and delicious meals with their help. Seasonal menus are prepared and adapted to the preferences of our residents. Family and friends are also welcome to dine with us in the cove bistro. In addition, we residents can indulge in High Tea afternoons.

Five-Star Amenities

We aim to give the finest quality of life to all of our wonderful residents at The Fleet Care Home. We are delighted to provide a variety of amenities for our residents to enjoy, as well as an activity programme that we encourage them to participate in and benefit from. As a high-end, luxurious residence, we provide first-class amenities to our residents such as a large garden for those who love the outdoors, a charming library for book worms and a hairdressing salon so that they can look and feel their best always.

Dining For Those With Dementia

Our dining rooms have attention to detail to ensure that our residents living with dementia have a peaceful and pleasurable eating experience, with plenty of space and little interruptions. We can provide specialised dinnerware for our residents living with dementia, so that they can maintain their motor skills and enable them to eat as independently as possible. A staff member will always be available to assist if needed as we make sure that every resident no matter what they’re dealing with, will look forward to meal times.

Our Dining Facilities

We are very proud of our dining facilities at The Fleet Care Home; with an experienced in-house chef and a broad range of delectable cuisines to choose from, each mealtime is guaranteed to be enjoyable and residents’ preferences are always taken into consideration.

Dine With Loved Ones

We believe in celebrating small victories just as much as major ones at The Fleet Care Home, which is why our private dining rooms are perfect for any occasion when you want to spend quality time with loved ones. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a monthly Sunday roast gathering, we have the resources to allow residents and their loved ones to create great moments together in our very own private celebratory area.

Regularly Updated Menus

Our food menus are revised on a regular basis to ensure that our residents and their families only eat food prepared with the highest-quality ingredients and the freshest vegetables available. We will always do our best to meet dietary restrictions and demands, and accommodate our residents’ favourite dishes.

Dining Made Easy

Regardless of a resident’s situation, we strive to make every mealtime as pleasant as possible. Our kitchen staff ensures that each eating place is safe, comfortable, and equipped with all of the facilities that our residents require, allowing them to concentrate on their meal and enjoy every bite.

Dining FAQs

Prospective residents and their families frequently enquire about life at The Fleet Care Home, with an emphasis on dining. The most frequently asked questions concerning eating and drinking are listed here. If you have a query that isn’t answered here, please contact our helpful staff, who are eager to assist you in any way they can.

Your payment plan will cover all of your meals, so you won’t have to worry about paying for them on a regular basis. At The Fleet, we strive to make life as uncomplicated and pleasurable as possible, which is why everything is included in your weekly fee and there are no hidden charges.

Every day, our dedicated chef and dining staff work hard to ensure that we serve the highest-quality meals imaginable. In order to deliver nutritious and flavorful meals to our residents, the team receives continual training. We produce an ever-changing menu using fine quality products purchased locally; we also encourage our residents to share their favourite recipes so we can incorporate them into our menu.

Yes. Everyone in the home has the option of eating their meals wherever they want. Dining spaces are located on each floor and residents can choose to eat privately in their room. Residents can use our private dining room for family gatherings, or outside when the weather allows.

Yes, you will have complete control over your meal choices. Personal preference and dietary requirements are extremely important, and our team recognises and respects this. Any menu alterations that someone may have will be gladly accommodated by our chef and his team.

Yes, we can supply a range of birthday nibbles, and cake – ofcourse! If residents plan on inviting friends and family into the house, we can arrange for a celebratory meal to be created in our private dining room.

A Warm Welcome Awaits

Every inch of The Fleet Care Home has been designed with residents in mind. They should have as much freedom as possible to make their own decisions and live their lives exactly how they want to. Our team continues to form strong ties with our residents and their families in order to have a better understanding of each resident’s interests and preferences. Our wonderful facilities allow us to create a thrilling and active lifestyle for our residents, and our staff works tirelessly to ensure that each person has all they need to pursue their interests.

Combining Quality Care, Friendship and Independence

Our mission is and always has been to provide the best levels of care in a comfortable and safe setting. Our all-inclusive care home was created to provide residents with a homely feel whilst receiving the best quality of care. We strive to provide our residents with plenty of choice so that they can live the lifestyle they desire. Throughout the day and night, our highly dedicated and qualified team provides comprehensive Nursing Care, Respite Care, Residential Care and Dementia Care.

Enquire About The Fleet Today

If you have any queries about the dining facilities at The Fleet Care Home, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone on 01803 835 600 or by email at info@thefleetdartmouth.co.uk. Alternatively, you may use our online Enquiry Form to contact our helpful team. We eagerly await to hear from you.