Respite Care

Making the decision to stay at The Fleet Care Home, no matter how long the stay, should mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter, one that allows residents to feel confident and happy while retaining as much independence as possible.

Staying with us for a short time, whether you’ve experienced a fall or had a recent illness, or a carer looking for respite from day-to-day care duties, The Fleet Care Home provides you with the opportunity to rest and recover; it also allows family members and caregivers to unwind, safe in the knowledge that that their loved ones is in capable hands and being well cared for.

Defining Respite Care

Respite care is a short-term care option, typically for one to two weeks, from a carer who is different from your usual caregiver. These respite breaks can be both planned or unplanned depending on circumstances. Whether residents have experienced a fall, recovering from an illness or the caregiver is looking to have a short break, The Fleet Care Home is here to help relieve that pressure or worry. All residents staying with us, no matter their length of stay, receive only the highest-quality Respite Care until they feel more like themselves again.

A Holistic Approach to Respite Care

Our approach to care goes beyond simply meeting care needs, it’s about caring for the health, wellbeing and interests of our residents as a whole; an entirely holistic approach that is adopted by all staff members. Everyone at The Fleet Care Home is here to support our residents to continue living life in the way that they want to, how they want to, with as much or as little support as required. Our home has been designed to offer residents the highest level of comfort and a true home-from-home feeling where residents feel confident and happy while retaining as much independence as possible. We recognise that the traditional care model has to continually evolve, therefore our team members are inspired to look for areas that can be improved, with residents and their loved ones often being directly involved in training so they can have their say in how services are delivered.

Respite Care at The Fleet Care Home

Our Home Manager and Deputy Manager are supported by a dedicated team of Registered General Nurses, Senior Carers and Health Care Assistants, each of whom have a particular interest in care of the elderly. Respite Care is delivered to residents in our purpose built care home, where residents receive the finest possible care at all times, day and night. Our person-centered approach to care means we look after our residents as a whole, offering an opportunity to give residents their independence back, in a safe and supportive environment; helping to relieve caregiver stress one day at a time.

When is Respite Care Suitable?

Respite Care provides short-term relief for primary caregivers; caring for someone who is sick, elderly or has a physical disability is a challenging duty that no one can achieve on their own. This type of care is available to allow caregivers time away from administering care, and help to relieve caregiver stress while, at the same time, fulfilling the needs of the individual receiving care. As a caregiver, accepting respite care can be difficult, but respite care is designed to provide you with the much-needed relief you may need.

Combining Quality Care, Friendship and Independence

Our team is made up of highly-skilled professionals who understand the support residents require to enhance their lives and strive to create a thriving and stimulating environment for them each and every day. The Fleet Care Home proudly offers all residents with an enriching and nurturing environment, with an abundance of opportunities for residents to strike up new friendships and make special memories to treasure. We truly believe that making the decision to move to our home should mark the beginning of a new chapter, one that combines quality care, friendship and independence.

Respite Care Includes

We’re here to support our residents to continue living life in the way that they want to, with as much or as little support as they need. Care for residents as a whole, including mental and physical health, requires our staff to deliver a number of services and present a wide range of facilities; these include:

GP Visits

Residents have access to a GP who will look after their overall wellbeing. All residents are able to arrange an appointment with a Doctor and choose to attend alone or accompanied by a member of staff. We can provide a chauffeur driven car to residents.

Optician Appointments

All residents at The Fleet Care Home can be seen by an optician and have any vision-related issues addressed as part of their living expenses. Glass prescriptions are not included.

Dental Care

Residents who require dental care will have unrestricted access to a dentist at no additional cost. These appointments can be attended alone or with another member of the team.

Physiotherapy Sessions

Residents are able to access physiotherapy sessions, through either GP referral or booked privately, to help our residents feel more like themselves again.

Access to a Chiropodist

We can arrange for a Chiropodist to assess and treat residents with any foot related issues.

A Warm Welcome Awaits

Designed with comfort in mind, our home offers large en-suite bedrooms, spacious dining rooms, a well-stocked library, cosy cinema room, and stunning gardens that stretch across the back of the building. Our residents love nothing more than a leisurely stroll outside, taking in the fresh air and enjoying being close to nature. Our wide range of niche facilities enables us to provide a safe, stimulating and active lifestyle for our residents, regardless of their physical or mental health. It’s extremely important to us that our home feels like home right from the beginning and our admissions process is informative, relaxed and free from any unnecessary stress or anxiety; a warm welcome awaits you at The Fleet Care Home.

Enquire About The Fleet Today

Our wonderful and friendly team is always on hand to assist you in any way they can. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding Respite Care, or any other care service or facilities available here at The Fleet Care Home, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us by calling 01803 835 600, emailing or completing our online Enquiry Form.