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Dementia Care

The Fleet Care Home is proud to provide Dementia Care in Devon in a luxury, purpose-built environment. Our approach goes beyond simply meeting care needs, but strives to care for the health, wellbeing and interests of our residents as a whole. We work closely with residents and their families to create a detailed and bespoke care plan to ensure consistency of care.

Our teams go above and beyond in all they do, working with our residents who live with dementia and their families to discover activities and therapies that are suited to their unique requirements. We promote individual wellbeing through positive and enjoyable experiences for all.

Defining Dementia Care

Dementia is the decline in memory or other thinking skills, severe enough to reduce a person’s ability to perform everyday activities. Supporting those living with Dementia encompasses supporting personal care, daily living tasks and general care to ensure overall happiness and wellbeing.

Dementia care and support in a care home is designed to support residents in maintaining independence and individuality, encouraging social activity, and building relationships within the home. Here at The Fleet Care Home, we provide person-centred care to those with dementia needs.

Continuum of Care

Dementia is a progressive disease, meaning care needs change over time. A continuum of care model recognises this, adapting to the unique needs of each individual as the disease progresses. From the early stages, where the focus is on maintaining independence and engagement, to later stages requiring more intensive support, the continuum adapts to each person’s changing reality.

At The Fleet, we understand that dementia affects everyone differently, and our empathetic team is trained to recognise and respond to the evolving needs of each resident. As conditions deteriorate, we have the skills and facilities to accommodate the changing needs, ensuring dignity and comfort are maintained at every step.

Our specialised dementia care offers secure environments, tailored activities, and therapeutic programs designed to reduce agitation, stimulate the mind, and enhance quality of life. This holistic approach, combined with the flexibility of our continuum of care, allows us to provide the right level of support at every stage.

Dementia Care at The Fleet Care Home

The Fleet Care Home is a privately owned care home with a team of highly skilled professionals who understand the support needed to enhance the lives of all residents and create a thriving and happy ambience. Led by our Home Manager and Deputy Manager, we have a team of Registered General Nurses, Senior Carers and Health Care Assistants whose primary goal is to ensure that all residents experience the best possible quality of life.

A care home can support those living with dementia in many ways, and at The Fleet,  our residents have shown enhanced self-confidence and independence, as well as improved health and vibrant social life while living with us. Coupled with exemplary care, a broad activities and entertainment programme, as well as regular outings and events, ensure that every day is enjoyed to the fullest.

What You’ll Find at The Fleet Care Home

We have considerately designed our care home to include a range of facilities and features that allow our residents to feel fully supported and ensure their optimum comfort and convenience.

Bespoke Care Plans

Nursing Beds

Nurse Call Systems

Access to a GP

Access to a Dentist

Access to an Optician

Access to a Physiotherapist

Access to a Chiropodist

Dementia Care FAQs

Before a resident becomes a part of The Fleet Care Home family, we initiate consultations with both them and their family, ensuring we fully understand their needs. We actively engage with our residents and their loved ones to find out about their everyday routines, likes, and preferences, which we incorporate into their care plans. Our care ethos revolves around each resident as an individual, with the aim of encouraging residents to uphold their independence and dignity, coupled with the reassurance of our team being here for them at all times.

Our team dedicated to dementia care receives regular training to ensure they possess a wide-ranging understanding of the different phases of dementia. From helping residents engage in activities and therapies to supporting their communication and personal care, our teams boast the necessary experience and knowledge to deliver proficient care to our residents with dementia.

At The Fleet Care Home, we present a holistic wellbeing programme that caters to everyone, encompassing both group and one-on-one activities and therapies. As an example, we regularly conduct arts and crafts sessions, music therapy, reminiscence activities, and more. These activities and therapies are designed to support the physical, cognitive, and social wellbeing of our residents, including those affected by dementia.

High-Quality Care Tailored To You

We are delighted to offer a variety of care services at our local care home in Dartmouth, Devon. We have proudly established a caring environment and a wonderful team of professionals who share a goal to provide high-quality, person-centred care and support.

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