Library at the fleet care home


Our library is the ideal space for residents to relax and get lost in their favourite book or discover a new one. We encourage all residents to make the most of our well loved library, and to enjoy the various benefits it provides, from the thrill of getting lost in a well-written book, to stress reduction and improved sleep, as well as it’s positive impacts upon memory.

Reading aloud or in a group helps individuals to engage their imaginations while also providing topics of conversation for fellow residents, and even family members to join in on. The library is a safe space for residents to utilise alone, as well as take advantage of the many social aspects it brings.

A Place for Everyone

Our wonderful library is one of the most inclusive spaces here at The Fleet Care Home. This popular space offers residents with a variety of ways to enjoy and spend time in, from taking some time to get lost in a good book, to participating in a group discussion. From researching history, to catching up on celebrity autobiographies, our library is more than just a place to read a book, this beautifully designed environment is a place to be enjoyed by everyone; a place to socialise, meet new people, have meaningful conversations, reduce loneliness, and much more.

Library at the fleet care home
Library at the fleet care home

More Than Just a Library

Our library is a popular space here at our home, and it’s easy to see why. More than just a place full of bookshelves, our library offers residents the option to participate in a reading group or join a book club, which is the perfect place to socialise, make new friends, take part in lively discussions, discourage loneliness and much more. Reading either independently or as part of a group, encourages our residents to use their imagination as well as providing points for discussion with fellow residents, and is also a wonderful place to invite family and friends to visit, and enjoy together. This space is more than just a library, it’s the place that helps residents feel at ease, feel relaxed, happy and most importantly, feel at home.

Library at the fleet care home
Library at the fleet care home

What You’ll Find at The Fleet Care Home

We have considerately designed our care home to include a range of facilities and features that allow our residents to feel fully supported and ensure their optimum comfort and convenience.

Reading Groups

Plenty of Choice

Me Time

Library FAQs

Indeed, the care home library warmly encourages residents to borrow books. We’ve curated an extensive selection that spans a wide spectrum of genres and subjects, catering to the unique preferences of each resident. Borrowing books not only offers intellectual enrichment but also serves as a delightful source of entertainment for our valued residents.

In addition to our vast collection of books, our library showcases a diverse range of materials including magazines, newspapers, stimulating puzzles, and audiobooks. Our assortment is thoughtfully put together to cater to an array of interests, with the ultimate goal of providing choice for each resident’s enjoyment.

Certainly! We warmly welcome contributions from family members and people in our community to enrich our library’s collection. If you have well-maintained books you’d like to donate, our dedicated staff will gladly assess them before adding to our collection. This thoughtful gesture provides families with the opportunity to expand the reading choices available to our residents, further cultivating a library that’s diverse, engaging, and filled with stories.

High-Quality Care Tailored To You

We are delighted to offer a variety of care services at our local care home in Dartmouth, Devon. We have proudly established a caring environment and a wonderful team of professionals who share a goal to provide high-quality, person-centred care and support.

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