Dining Area at The Fleet Care Home


We believe that all residents at The Fleet Care Home should have equal access to our facilities and activities. Because delicious cuisine is one of life’s greatest pleasures for many of us, you’ll discover a tantalising and diverse menu on offer every day. We use local suppliers whenever feasible, and our onsite chef and catering crew can adapt to food preferences and dietary restrictions.

As we become older, food has a greater impact on our health, and we realise that having a good meal has a substantial impact on our general health and wellbeing. Loved ones can be confident that residents will have an enjoyable time eating tasty and nutritious meals in an elegant setting each and every day.

The Finest Food Served 

We want all of our residents at The Fleet Care Home to enjoy the better things in life, such as a great dining experience. Dining with us promises fine cuisine prepared daily by our in-house chefs. Our kitchen staff are proud to produce an ever-changing menu using high quality products purchased locally. We also encourage our residents to share their favourite recipes, and we look forward to creating new and delicious meals with their help. Seasonal menus are prepared and adapted to the preferences of our residents. Family and friends are also welcome to dine with us in the cove bistro. In addition, we residents can indulge in High Tea afternoons.

Dining Area at The Fleet Care Home
Dining Area at The Fleet Care Home

Dining For Those With Dementia

Our dining rooms have attention to detail to ensure that our residents living with dementia have a peaceful and pleasurable eating experience, with plenty of space and little interruptions. We can provide specialised dinnerware for our residents living with dementia, so that they can maintain their motor skills and enable them to eat as independently as possible. A staff member will always be available to assist if needed as we make sure that every resident no matter what they’re dealing with, will look forward to meal times.

The Cove Bistro at The Fleet Care Home
Dining Area at The Fleet Care Home

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